Advanced Courses

The Advanced course is aimed at experienced riders wanting to find those extra seconds and push their boundaries. The course will help you understand how to read the trail to find extra speed and grip allowing you to flow through the trails with ultimate precision and control. You will learn the theory behind how to jump safely and in control, learning how to read each individual jump and the different techniques needed clear any jump with control and stability. The course will leave you feeling confident about riding jumps and drops whilst being able to transfer your techniques to the trails to pop and float effortlessly over those technical features.

What will be involved

Body position

Use your positioning on the bike to your advantage to maintain control on the steepest and roughest terrain


How to pump and squash bumps and jumps to gain extra speed


 Learn to use pump through the corners to gain extra speed by applying the same technique as jumping

Technical descents

Maintain complete control, letting the bike do the work, whilst riding steep and technical descents


Understand the different techniques needed to stay balanced and in control over any jump


 Ride large drops at speed with confidence and stability


Effective braking techniques to help you maintain grip and keep your flow

Each group course may vary slightly to help focus on each riders individual progress

The advanced course will take place on the black downhill trails and aimed at experienced riders wanting to understand the techniques behind jumps and drops. The course will focus on the techniques need to maintain control over large jumps and drops, helping you understand how to effectively use the same techniques to flow faster through the technical trails. Building up your knowledge and confidence through out the day with consistent feedback and video analysis. This course will give you the confidence needed to progress at your own pace with skills and techniques to help you advance even after the course.


Pedal a bike away, Forest of Dean cycle centre


3 hours


£60 per person

Course Dates


Advanced group course 10th March

Jumps and Drops course 3rd February


Please get in touch to organise more group coaching dates