Beginner Courses

The beginners course will help you develop the skills to feel safe and in control riding the trails. Aimed at riders looking to learn the basic skills for riding off road and boost their confidence to help them flow around trails. All techniques will be stripped back to help you understand the skills needed to feel safe and maintain control whilst riding. The course will be based around the blue trails and focus on building your confidence by stripping the techniques back to simple easy to follow steps.

What will be involved

Bike check

Pre-ride bike check to ensure your bike is safe to ride before every trip out

Bike set up

A run through the basics of bike set-up including suspension set up, handle bar position, tyre pressures and saddle height

Body position

 Learn how basic body positioning can help you to maintain control and balance helping you to feel safe whilst riding any trails


How to maintain grip and control through position, lines choice and braking


Keep in control with maximum grip whilst descending


 Learn where to brake and where to let the bike flow

Rolling through technical trail features 

Tackle any trail feature with ease by learning how to let the bike roll through features

Each group course may vary slightly to help focus on each riders individual progress.

The beginners course will take place on the blue trails and aimed at riders just getting into riding wanting to learn the basics to help them feel safe and in control. The course will take you back to basics to build a foundation of skills to help you build confidence and stability at speed. Experienced riders can learn how to strip back their riding to progress further by correcting any previous bad habits and focusing on control and consistency.


Pedal a bike away, Forest of Dean cycle centre


3 hours


£60 per person

Course Dates



Beginners course 17th February

Please get in touch to organise more group coaching dates