Intermediate Courses

The Intermediate course will help you understand the skills to gain speed and control to flow through the trails. The course is aimed at experienced riders looking to improve their overall trail skills to help you maintain consistent speed during your ride. All the fundamental skills will be covered during this course whilst out riding the technical trails to help you progress through out the day. The course will be based around the red trails and focus on the keys skills needed in everyday riding.

What will be involved

Body position

Covering the fundamental skills whilst on the trails to help you stay in control over technical terrain


How to maintain grip and control at speed through position, lines choice and braking

Front wheel lift

 Learn how to lift your wheel with ease and control


A fundamental skill need to maintain speed trough the trails

Bunny hop 

Understand the correct technique needed to stay balanced and in control


 The most effective skill used on every trail, learn how and where to pump to gain free speed down any trail


Stay in control whilst safely riding drops

Each group course may vary slightly to help focus on each riders individual progress.

The intermediate course will take place on the red trails and aimed at riders wanting to improve their overall speed. The course will focus on learning the skills needed to ride technical trails at speed whilst staying in complete control. Building up a base of skills and techniques through the day this will build your confidence to help you ride faster and smoother around any trail. This course will provide you with a vast amount of skills to help you go away with to continue your progression.


Pedal a bike away, Forest of Dean cycle centre


3 hours


£60 per person

Course Dates


Intermediate course (Women only) 20th January


Please get in touch to organise more group coaching dates