1-1 coaching sessions allow you to be able to gain the most out of each session. The course will be designed and based around you as an individual rider, breaking down techniques and looking in depth at the skills to help you progress your riding further. No matter what level or discipline, each course will be specifically designed around your riding with the direct focus on you as an individual rider. Fundamental skills will be picked up to help you build a base of techniques needed to help you progress through out the course.  Through out the course video feedback analysis will be provided to help you advance whilst out on the trails.

Each course will be design around you as the rider providing personal feedback and advice

Private coaching is aimed at riders wanting to learn the most out of how to improve their riding. With constant feedback and analysis it allows the course to be aimed directly at your riding, focusing only on the techniques needed to help you progress. You will get a better understanding of each individual skill with a personal approach to help you progress at your own level. The courses can be ran by the hour as a 1-1 session or if preferred with a friend as a 2-1 course. Depending on your preference the course can be ran as 1, 2 or 3 hour course.


Pedal a bike away, Forest of Dean cycle centre




£40 per hour


£75 each for a 3 hour 2-1 course

Course Dates

1 to 1 course dates and times are flexible and need to be booked in advance with Katy.

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