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Skills courses developed to build your confidence
and progress your riding

We love to ride, and we want you to feel the same. Whether you have just started riding, have been riding for years and hit a plateau, or are looking to compete. Our passion for riding shines through in our passion for coaching. Develop your skills and bring that effortless style to your riding.

Passionate coaching for passionate riders

Our Courses

Do you wonder how to go from fluke to fool-proof? You always know when something feels good, but do you understand how you did it? Our courses are designed to educate in a fun, relaxed, and safe environment. 

We believe that small changes equal BIG progression. Our coaches thrive on assessing your riding patterns, breaking down relevant techniques and delivering that in progressive chunks so that you can recreate your success on every ride. 

Simply choose the course that best suits your needs and let us take care of the rest. 


“I have just spent a small amount of money on making a very big difference. Seemingly small changes, delivered in a really positive and professional manner meant I felt myself progress enormously.”

Invest in your riding

“Amazing coaching session with Katy Curd Coaching, who with in 2 hours coached me into riding a trail full of things I’m terrified of, literally a massive breakthrough for me”

Recreate your success on every ride

Why Choose Us?


We love to ride and want you to feel the same. Family trail or racing downhill, our love for riding shines through in our coaching.


We coach, we ride, we race. Our coaches bring 15+ years of riding and coaching experience. We believe experience counts for everything. 


As coaches and riders, we’ve been there… Nerves, plateaus, a loss of confidence. We understand how it feels and how to overcome it.

We love to ride and want you to feel the same

Whatever the weather, whatever the trail, whatever the bike you’ll see smiles for miles! Group coaching, private lessons,

social rides; we consider you part of our family so come say hi. We’d love to connect.


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  • "The coaching always made me feel relaxed and I always came away feeling much more capable. Katy is a fab coach, she has helped develop my skills over time from a total beginner to intermediate rider in such a relaxed environment, always very encouraging and non judgmental. Basically Katy is an amazing coach!!"

  • "I throughly enjoyed my coaching session with Katy. Honestly I wouldn't change a thing. I just wish I was able to do more regular coaching sessions. Katy is a fantastic coach and has an eagle eye for spotting subtle things that are affecting your riding and then coaching you through them at a pace and style that is right for you. Very friendly and good at putting you at ease. I'd highly recommend to any one who wanted to improve their confidence and ability in mountain biking."

  • "Money well sent, go have a session with Katy! I ended the session with more confidence and had the tools to continue to improve on my own time"

  • "I've been riding for over 20 years but thought I'd seek professional coaching. I had 3 hours of 121 coaching with Katy and she quickly identified many areas which needed improvement. Since then riding has been much more enjoyable as I now have increased control and speed. It was a game changer, I can't wait for my next session."

  • "Awesome!!!"

  • "Katy is an amazing teacher. As middle aged mountain bikers mainly doing xc riding we weren't sure if she would find us too set in our bad habits. We couldn't of been more wrong. We all came away buzzing with our new abilities and have since been to Bike Park Wales with much more confidence and ability. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their skills."

  • "Amazing! 100% more confident. Really happy that Katy had been able to help me by breaking things down so I could I understand exactly what I needed to do. Katy knew immediately by watching me what I was doing wrong and helped me to correct it in a positive way. I came away from the session with much better skills and greatly improved confidence. I never realised how you could benefit so much from mountain biking lessons."

  • "One of the best coaches I’ve had and would recommend you to anyone, you cured my drops nemesis. I really liked your style of coaching and chuffed I've beaten a few fears around drops. Great value and very thorough"

  • "I was a little worried that buying some pro advice might be outside our pay grade but excellent analysis from Katy gauged our ability perfectly. I ended the session more confident and demonstrably better at riding rooty stuff."

  • "Super chilled atmosphere where everyone was supportive of each other’s efforts and that helped spur us on to push ourselves harder. I felt like I’d unlocked so many more skills on my bike and I felt super confident to hit trails I’d never have dreamed of riding before. Such a brilliant day, got out of my comfort zone massively and learnt loads from the experience I want to do it all over again! After the coaching I felt transformed. I was really nervous about whether I would be good enough to do the course. Which was wasted worrying as the course was really inclusive."

  • "Katy put me and ease straight away and I felt like the whole session was at my own pace, I was given time to practice each skill before moving on to the next. It was fantastic, I learnt so much and felt much more confident on the trails. I’d recommend anyone to get coaching, whether they’re a beginner or an expert."