Keep calm and in control on those steep and natural descents

Tackle those steep descents with confidence and control

What we cover

  • Body MechanicsUse bike and body to maintain balance over rough ground
  • Steep and Natural DescentsRide any trail with precision and control
  • SpeedLearn how to carry your speed with confidence and stability
  • ControlUnderstand how to read a trail to maximise your control
  • Line ChoiceUnlock the trails potential by riding lines to suit your style
  • Braking PointsUse the brakes to your advantage keeping consistency on your ride
  • ConsistencyStay calm, controlled and stable at speed to find that sacred flow

Details & Book

  • Group Size: 6
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Location: Forest of Dean cycle centre
  • Cost: ¬£95

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Do you ever feel out of your depth riding technical trails?

Does the thought of steep, natural trails leave you questioning your ability?

This course is for you. Think steep and natural with a sense of calm and control. We break down techniques to help you understand how to ride calmly down the steepest of trails. Unlock your potential with the smallest of changes and build your confidence to effortlessly flow down those technical trails.

This course is all about keeping you calm and in control on those steep and natural descents. You will ride away from this course knowing how to tackle those steep descents with confidence and control, descents that would normally would have you questioning your ability and turn those hang on and hope fears into auto-pilot reactions. Learn how to ride in the bike, rather than on the bike, for a sense of complete control.

We teach you how to move around on the bike to maintain control even when you feel on the edge of your comfort zone. Understand how to read the trail to find rhythm and flow, to start using the trail to your advantage. Learn to read the trail to find points of grips to know where to brake and where to accelerate.

Our coaches will give you in-depth feedback to help you understand the concept to further progress your skills long after the course.

This course will be held on the downhill and enduro trails around the Forest of Dean.