Pump, Jump and Flow

Build your confidence and perfect your technique with this full day course at our new venue Black Mountains Cycle Centre. Read more...

What we cover

  • PumpingUnderstand how to weight and unweight the bike
  • Advance PumpingKnow exactly where and how to pump to absorb, squash and gain speed over any feature
  • CorneringAll the essential skills needed to find grip and maintain your speed through the corners
  • Advanced CorneringHow to apply the same techniques needed for cornering and jumping
  • JumpingUnderstand the fundamental skills need to get air with confidence
  • Table Top FunCombining timing, technique and speed for ultimate control and rapid progress
  • Uplift TimeA chance to have fun, play and put all your new skills in to play in your own time

Details & Book

  • Group Size: 7
  • Duration: 10am-3pm
  • Location: Black Mountains Cycle Centre
  • Cost: £100

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We may take photographs of you during the session. These may be used in displays and to promote skills coaching through various media sources.



Full day Skills course, uplift included.

This unique course held at Black Mountain Cycle Centre is the ultimate course to help you find your flow and boost those jumps. We look at everything from finding your grip, holding your speed around those turns to boosting those jumps to get maximum air and fun on every ride. No matter what your current ability, this course will break down the techniques and build up your skills through-out the day giving you all the fundamental skills needed to develop your riding at your own pace.

We will have you roosting those turns and boosting those jumps with a new-found confidence and understanding no matter what the trail. This course will teach you how to pump, jump and squash any size jump. Understand how to apply the same techniques needed for cornering and jumping to help keep you stable and controlled in mid-air. We teach you how to read each take-off so you understand how to approach each jump with the right speed and techniques to give you that smooth and controlled landing every time.

With constant feedback and the time to session and play, you will leave this course with all the techniques to help further progress your riding long after the course is over.

The course will be ran from 10am-3pm.

The uplift will run until 4pm giving you the last hour of the day for you to use the uplift to simply ride and enjoy.

Please arrive in plenty of time to sign-in, get your bike set-up, kit ready to be ready to ride on the first lift for 10am.