Build your confidence to ride smoother and faster with less effort

Regain your confidence and refine your skills

What we cover

  • Body positionRide any trail with stability and confidence
  • CorneringCarry your speed to find that sacred flow
  • PumpingGain speed with out pedalling on any trail
  • Technical featuresFloat through the technical feature with ease and control
  • Single track ridingLink the trail together for consistency and flow
  • Braking pointsKnow where to brake and where to let go to help with ultimate control

Details & Book

  • Group Size: 5
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Location: Forest of Dean
  • Cost: £60

Please read the acceptance of risk here.

We may take photographs of you during the session. These may be used in displays and to promote skills coaching through various media sources.

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Women only re-fresher course, perfect for regaining your confidence and refining your skills.

Getting down the trails is one thing but being able to read the trail and ride it with confidence and control is something we are all aiming for. This course will teach you to take control and turn those fears into auto-pilot reactions to keep you confident through those natural single track trails.

We will help you find those key points in your riding to build your skills to feel in control even down the most technical trails. No matter what your ability this course is aimed to improve your overall trail knowledge to maintain consistency and flow. This course will help you to build confidence to ride smoother and faster, learning how to find lines to suit your style for consistency and flow around any trail. Experienced riders can learn how to strip back their riding to progress further by focusing on control and consistency. You will finish the day with the skills to continue your progression.