Ride those technical features with precision and control

Good coaching can make challenges feel effortless

What we cover

  • Body Mechanic'sCalmly move around on the bike for effortless flow
  • Pumping TrailsGain speed from features that previously scared you
  • Single track ridingUnderstand how to read the trail ahead to find rhythm and flow
  • Steep and Natural DescentsRide any trail with precision and control
  • Advanced CorneringMaintain grip and carry your speed
  • Line ChoiceSpot different lines and how they effect your ride
  • Braking PointsEffective braking techniques to keep grip and maintain your flow

Details & Book

  • Group Size: 6
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Location: Pedalabikeaway, Forest of Dean cycle centre
  • Cost: £60

Please read the acceptance of risk here.

We may take photographs of you during the session. These may be used in displays and to promote skills coaching through various media sources.

Please give a brief description of what you would like to get out of your session


You will ride away from this course knowing how to tackle those steep, technical descents with confidence and control.

Understand how to move around the bike to turn those hang on and hope fears into auto-pilot reactions.

We will help you understand how to break down techniques to ride calmly even down the steepest descents.  Advance your skills as we teach you how to ride those technical features with ultimate precision and control.  Learn to squash or pump features that normally have you questioning your ability.

Our coaches will give you in-depth feedback to help you understand the concept to further progress your skills long after the course.

This course will be held on the downhill and enduro trails around the Forest of Dean.


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