Skills to progress past your riding plateau.

The ultimate course to help you ride faster and smoother with less effort Read more...

What we cover

  • Body position Stay relaxed and in control over technical terrain
  • Cornering Carry your speed and maintain your grip for effortless flow
  • Front wheel lift  Lift your wheel with ease and control
  • ManualsEffortless technique and when to use it
  • Pumping   Gain free speed down any trail
  • Small Drops Stay in control whilst riding drops safely

Details & Book

  • Group Size: 6
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Location: Pedalabikeaway, Forest of Dean cycle centre
  • Cost: £60

Please read the acceptance of risk here.

We may take photographs of you during the session. These may be used in displays and to promote skills coaching through various media sources.

Please give a brief description of what you would like to get out of your session


Hit a plateau with your riding and wanting to progress?

Feel like you have cracked the basics and want to progress to more challenging/natural trails?

Learn how to read the trail, take control and turn those fears into auto-pilot reactions

We focus on the key skills needed to maintain control while riding natural and technical trails. This course is aimed at riders looking to improve their overall trail knowledge to maintain consistency and flow. Building up a base of skills and techniques through the day. This course helps you to build confidence to ride smoother and faster, learning how to find lines to suit your style for consistency and flow around any trail. Experienced riders can learn how to strip back their riding to progress further by focusing on control and consistency. You will finish the day with the skills to continue your progression.

The course will be based around the red trails.


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