Learn, progress, play...

Our courses

Do you wonder how to go from fluke to fool-proof? You always know when something feels good, but do you understand how you did it? Our courses are designed to educate in a fun and safe environment. 

Our coaches thrive on assessing your riding patterns, breaking down relevant techniques and delivering that in progressive chunks so that you can recreate your success on every ride. 

Our simple ethos, Learn, Progress, Play, we will help you break down old patterns and learn new habits. Change fears into autopilot reactions as you progress with confidence-based success. Have fun and play as you find your natural flow, mastering technical terrain with style and ease! 

Group Courses

In our group coaching courses you will benefit from learning from others for rapid progression of your skills and techniques, whilst enjoying your bike time with likeminded people, at an affordable price.

Make the most of the group dynamics in an encouraging, relaxed and fun environment to help you progress your skills at your own pace.

Womens Group Courses

In our women group courses, you will enjoy the camaraderie of an all women environment.  Experience increased confidence and therefore quicker progression, in this safe, relaxed environment. 

Created and coached by women riders. We are passionate about women in our sport.

Specialist Courses